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What’s The Real Benefit of Factory Cabinetry?

Mar 26, 2021

Building a home or remodeling can be a daunting task. The amount of decisions to be made, the fear of making the wrong decision, the hassle of scheduling – it all creates an incredibly stressful situation. However, our team of skilled designers are here to help you navigate the process and take that stress down to a minimum.

Susan Rogers, Interior Designer and Cabinetry Design Specialist, helps clients from start to finish with space renderings, measurements, and her overall level of expertise. Susan states, “Utilizing an experienced Kitchen & Bath Designer makes sure that the cabinet investment in your new home or remodel will be one that serves your functional needs as well as compliments the overall design of your home.  At Anderson Design Center, we provide guidance for those who have never built or remodeled a home.  There are thousands of decisions and details required to make a new home or remodel successful.

Interior Designers narrow the choices and decisions to be more manageable.  We also provide detailed project packages that include product spec sheets and drawings to assist in communicating with the client’s contractor. Typically, the most time intensive part of building or remodeling is the design phase where product, finish, and layout decisions are made. Small projects can be planned and ready for order placement within a typical time frame of about 3 weeks. For larger projects, clients should expect anywhere from 3-5 meetings or more with a designer to discuss the overall design and desired details as well as finish selection. Once a plan is in place, clear communication and expectations between the client, contractor, and planned design is the key to having a less stressful and successfully completed project.”

She continues, “Anyone interested in building or remodeling would be best served if they mentally think through the space they have and make a list of what they do and don’t like about that space. This information is invaluable when meeting with their Interior Designer to start planning for the new space. Visiting cabinet brand websites like and to see available storage solutions and installed projects helps inspire what changes can be made for a new space.  Anderson Design Center’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram pages are also great resources for seeing finished projects to gather inspiration.”

The below excerpt was borrowed from our KraftMaid vendor. They explain the difference in cabinet types and why there is truly a difference in value with our semi-custom, factory made cabinets. Visit our showroom to see why our customers and builders are choosing our cabinet lines for their homes.


Getting new cabinets isn’t just an opportunity to give your kitchen or bath an updated look—it’s also your chance to customize your storage, with space for every last dish or towel.

Of all the elements of a room remodel, the construction, door style, color, and material of your cabinets will make the strongest visual statement. They’ll also have the most impact on your wallet. Since cabinetry is such a large portion of the average kitchen or bath project budget, understanding all the options is critical. We can help.

Value questions you’ll want to ask include: What do I get for the price? Will it work tomorrow like it works today? Does the manufacturer stand behind the product?

When it comes to cabinetry, many factors affect your overall price: manufacturer, quality of construction, door material, door style and finish, storage options and accessories, number of cabinets needed, and most importantly – what type of cabinetry you choose to buy.

Cabinetry falls into one of three basic types:

  • Custom or Shop Built Cabinetry
  • Semi-Custom Cabinetry
  • Stock or Production Cabinetry


Locally built in every region of the country, this cabinet type varies widely in quality. The upside is that these cabinets can match any color and have almost no style or fit limitations. But the downside is that many custom cabinetmakers are unable to provide the latest finishes and accessories, lacking the capital investment in state-of-the-art machinery. The lacquer finishes common to this cabinet grade may have questionable durability or can be more commonly be frequently flawed by trapped dust particles. This is typically the most expensive type of cabinetry and requires a minimum of 6-10 weeks for delivery.


Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to semi-custom cabinets. Partly stock and partly custom, you get many more features than stock cabinetry with a shorter lead time than custom. Since construction begins once the order is finalized, the cabinets are somewhat built to suit with a wide selection of doors and finishes. The downside is that quality standards range significantly from company to company. Schedule at least a month for delivery.

KraftMaid has more than 40 years of experience building quality cabinetry that helps you express your personal style. Our quality construction details can be seen and felt as you interact with our cabinets. With over 65 finish options, over 100 door styles, and over 200 Storage Solutions, we offer you thousands of custom options – and typical delivery is just 4-6 weeks.


This type invests most of its manufacturing dollar in a good, durable finish. It suffers from a limited number of styles, finishes, accessories, and hardware, and it requires space-wasting fillers to fit. The upside is that the product has an entry-level price point and is usually in stock or available within a few days. It is perfect for investment properties or starter homes.


We invite you to visit our showroom and meet with one of our designers for a complimentary design consultation. You’d be surprised at the difference you can see and feel in our cabinet lines.




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