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This beautiful lakeside home is the perfect combination of style and texture that creates a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the weekends with family and friends.  Bright whites are seen in the countertops, cabinetry, tile, and nickel gap walls, beautifully contrasting against rich browns in the wooden shelving, ceiling beams, and furniture. Oiled White Oak wood floors and large windows tie it all together, resulting in a stunning design scheme. Custom bedding, drapery, and shades are seen in each room, along with a custom bench area featuring bright blues and greens to reflect the lakeside view.

Denise and Reggie Palmer built their lake house last summer at Big Bay Lake in Lumberton.  Mrs. Palmer knew exactly what she desired in her home and was well informed, well planned, and well organized.  Paige Charbonneau thoroughly enjoyed working with the Palmers, stating “Denise was extremely easy to work with.  It was just a matter of finding the right product to fit what she had in mind for design.  I loved that she wanted to use color against her black and white color scheme. Both Denise and Reggie were great to work with and it was a fun and creative project that turned out beautiful!”

Tag: Residential
Interior Designer: Paige Charbonneau – Paige and Denise picked everything out.
Contractor: Chris Barber Construction
Home Plan:  Lake and Land Studio, LLC
Cabinetry: Davis and Cooke Cabinetry

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