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When working on a new construction project, Liz Cockrell Design Collective of Anderson Design Center, provides expert design advice through the entire process.This new construction project, built by David Moore Construction, is no exception.

Our team approached every design decision with great detail. This executive modern aesthetic started with the conceptual plans and builder inspiration.

Liz began specifying finishes for the exterior, then completed the design vision by emoting the modern aesthetic through the unique contrasting elements throughout the home. Warm white walls and rich wood tones balance beautifully with the deep charcoal tilework. Modern white quartz is seen throughout the home and was also used for a full kitchen backsplash to complete the minimalist design. Accent lighting can make a huge impact on the design overall, and with this, David trusted our team to complete the accent lighting specification for the exterior and the interior.


Thank you, David, for trusting our team with design details for this stunning new home in Bridgefield.

This home is currently for sale in Bridgefield. Contact the All-Star Team of Lauren Williamson  and Diane Nicholas-Tautan at 601.545.3900


ADC Team: Liz Cockrell Design Collective and Holland Harkins, Junior Interior Designer

Tilework: installed by Luke Ervin

Countertops: Stoneworks (but sold through Anderson)

Painting: M&S Painting (Mike Frierson)

Photography used with permission by the All Star Team and Ryan Rose of Hattiesburg Photography


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