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Are rugs necessary?

May 23, 2023 | Blog, Laken Holliman


Are Rugs Necessary?

By Laken Holliman, Interior Designer at Anderson Design Center


Are rugs really necessary? What do they mean to you? The meaning or concept of a rug could vary from a piece of carpet you lay in a room just to cover a hard surface or it could be a work of art that took hours being hand-knotted and designed by a talented craftsman. Either way you choose to look at rugs, they not only change the space and overall style of a room, but serve many functions as well.


The evidence of rugs dates back to 500 B.C. These ancient rugs were hand-knotted and mostly made from wool. Before wool, we could see evidence of natural fibers being used like seagrass or sisal. Today, we still see the beautiful hand-knotted, intricate rugs sold all around the world; mostly being made in countries such as Afghanistan, Turkey, and India. We know them as Oriental rugs, constructed of fibers such as wool or silk. Hand-knotted rugs are the most durable, luxurious type of rug with thousands of design options, all made to last. The longevity of these pieces of art creates a valuable investment for your home and are often passed down for generations. Many choose to view hand-knotted rugs as valuable collectables, similar to how you would view a painted canvas in an art museum; knowing artisans took time and creativity to create each piece.


Times have surely changed since 500 B.C. Modern machine made rugs are booming because of their price point and wide variety of selection. With faster production time and less expensive fiber, rugs are more easily accessible and thus very popular. The fibers consist of polyester, viscose, polypropylene, wool, nylon and more. If you need several rugs at one time, these are a great option to go with.


If you are looking for a neutral, earthy toned rug, natural fibers are the way to go. Jute, seagrass,and sisal are all examples of natural fibers that can add an organic feel to your home. These are also great rugs for layering. For example, wool is a natural fiber as well and can be used for layering. If your looking at saving some on budget but want the look of a luxurious rug, grab a larger natural fiber rug and layer on top a smaller but colorful hand-knot. This can create dimension and bring in some much needed color to a living room.


We know rugs play into the look and style of a home, but what is the point of them? Why do we need them? Rugs serve many functions. If you have ever been through a home with furniture but no rugs, you can absolutely tell the difference. Rugs not only provide coziness and warmth every home need, but also help to break up the rooms in the now very popular open floor plans. Rugs provide a sense of space, separating the kitchen from the common area. The change in sound absorption is also a huge advantage to buying a rug. If you have ever had a floor upstairs that is a hard surface, you understand. Rugs absorb sound and do not allow sound waves to bounce through the floor, creating a quieter, more private space. From a softer feel to a change in acoustics, rugs lend themselves a necessity in every home.


So, are rugs valuable? Are they necessary? Absolutely. Whether you view rugs as only serving a function or you see them as a piece of art to be valued and passed down for generations, they are a necessity. Even more with the growing popularity of hard surface flooring, rugs are a staple for ever home. Find the rug that works for you, whether that be a hand-knotted, heirloom rug, a natural fiber rug, a machine made rug, or even a piece of bound carpet. You will surely see the difference it will make in your home.

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