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Lindsey West Harris

Interior Designer
Lindsey received her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from The University of Southern Mississippi in 2005.
Upon completion of her internship at Anderson Design Center, she was asked to join their team of Interior Designers.

Lindsey gained valuable experience and broadened her knowledge by holding a variety of design roles over the years at Anderson Design Center. Her current position is in the Builder Services department where she works with clients on new construction homes and home renovations.

“My passion is taking a poorly designed space and transforming it into one that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. I love the whole process, especially the space planning phase where I get to brainstorm and sketch different layouts for a kitchen or bathroom,” states Lindsey.

Her talent doesn’t stop there. On any given day, she can be seen designing a cabinet layout, modifying an electrical plan, selecting interior materials and finishes, and even designing custom window treatments and furniture.

Lindsey was born and raised in Hattiesburg and is an active member of the Greater Hattiesburg Homebuilders Association.

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