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Gwynn Guy

Interior Designer

Gwynn has over thirty years of experience in residential and architectural design, having worked at Batte Furniture and Interiors in Jackson, MS for twenty-five years before following her young grandchildren to Frisco, TX, where she was a designer with IBB Fine Furnishings.

Gwynn graduated from William Carey University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree, with a minor in Clothing and Textiles. She continues to use her art degree to paint custom artwork for her clients, and she loves pulling fabrics together to create custom drapery, bedding, and pillows.

Born and raised in Laurel, MS, Gwynn came back to her roots to be with friends and family and join the community she missed so much. She enjoys singing in the church choir and attending women’s Bible studies. As a woman of the Word, she can be frequently heard quoting Bible verses that apply to everyday life.

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