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Since 1982, Anderson Design Center has been operating with one simple goal: to make beautiful, functional spaces attainable for all. Originally opening its doors as a hometown paint and home supply shop in the heart of Hattiesburg, MS, Anderson was a hub for local folks who wanted to get more enjoyment out of the spaces they worked and lived in. Founder Allen Anderson saw that desire and began providing more building and design services to help clients fulfill it.

Allen Anderson



Residential Design

We offer full service interior design services for every room of your home, whether you are working on a new build, renovating your family home, or simply freshening up your favorite room.

Commercial Design

Anderson Design Center offers a full commercial package, including interior design, space planning, and project management. 

Anderson Downtown

Anderson Downtown is open the first Friday and Saturday of each month, with private shopping appointments available to schedule outside of normal operating hours. 


Custom Designs for every Lifestyle
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What we do

Whether you’re visiting us with a complete floorpan in-hand, or just a small spark of inspiration from browsing your favorite magazine, Anderson Design Center has exactly what you need to create a functional, cohesive, and beautiful environment in your home or office.


Sleek, Modern Aesthetic 

A fresh take on neutrals, this newly constructed home features elements of the traditional, with pops of sleek, modern aesthetic throughout. When Catherine and David Peeler decided to move back to Hattiesburg, they viewed homes in the stunning Lakewood Ranch area of Florida to gain inspiration.




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Are rugs necessary?

We know rugs play into the look and style of a home, but what is the point of them? Why do we need them?

2022 Awards and Anniversaries

Our employees are what makes our company successful, and last week we honored them with our annual awards and anniversary recognition meeting.

What do I need to know before I begin a custom cabinet project?

Have you found yourself working around the existing cabinets in your home instead of them working for you?

What’s The Real Benefit of Factory Cabinetry?

Building a home or remodeling can be a daunting task. The amount of decisions to be made, the fear of making the wrong decision, the hassle of scheduling – it all creates an incredibly stressful situation.

Giving Back Is Always In Style

Giving back is always in style. Look what’s going on in our community!

Designer Chat

I was sitting in a meeting this morning at the multicultural center downtown and I was staring at the most fascinating piece of artwork. It was a painting of a girl holding a can with a string tied to it to her ear using it as a homemade telephone. As I studied it, I wondered why I liked it so much.

2019 Home Tour

As Marketing Director of Anderson Design Center, I have the privilege of tagging along with our designers for photographs of some of the homes we have a part in designing.

Vieux Carre’ Influence